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  • World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2005-2021

    From: £3,450

    The new quarterly issue (Q1) of Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) World Drilling and Production Market Forecast (DWD&P) has been released. Major changes have been seen in the forecasts for Canada, Russia and USA. Through to 2021 and utilising a proprietary methodology, DWD&P provides data analysis on 60 key countries, offering near-total historic and forecast volumes of hydrocarbon production and wells drilled, onshore and offshore.

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  • World Floating Production Market Forecast 2015-2019

    From: £3,450

    Douglas-Westwood’s new World Floating Production Market Forecast 2015-2019 forecasts that despite the current low oil price environment, between 2015 and 2019 $81 billion (bn) will be spent on FPS units – an increase of 73% compared to 2010-2014. The value of annual installations is projected to grow from nearly $12bn in 2015 to $21bn in 2017 before declining to $17bn in 2019. Projects already ordered will account for much of this spend.

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  • World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2015-2019

    From: £5,250

    Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) 4th edition of this unique and acclaimed report includes the very latest market outlook based on DW Drilling & Production data and reflects the current low oil price environment. DW’s market forecasting is trusted by sector players worldwide, with clients including the world’s top-10 oil & gas companies, top-10 oilfield services companies and top-10 private equity firms. The report is essential reading for land rig contractors, rig manufacturers, oilfield service companies, oil & gas operators and financial institutions wanting to better understand where and when to make investment decisions.

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  • World Oilfield Services Market Forecast 2014-2018

    From: £3,250

    Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) NEW quarterly publication The World Oilfield Services Market Forecast provides unique insight into the global oilfield services (OFS) market. The product delivers historic, current and future analysis of 20 OFS service lines, providing for the first time, a country by country breakdown of OFS market expenditure.

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  • World LNG Market Forecast 2015-2019

    From: £3,450

    Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) World LNG Market Forecast 2015-2019 details trends by region and facility type, supported by analysis, insight and industry consultation and analyses the market through to 2019. Now in its ninth edition, the report forecasts that global Capex on LNG facilities will total nearly $259bn for the 2015-2019 period, with investments expected to be 88% larger than the previous five years following a slowdown in 2009 through to 2012 as a result of the global recession.

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  • World Subsea Vessel Operations Market Forecast 2015-2019

    From: £3,450

    Douglas-Westwood anticipates subsea vessel demand will experience accelerated growth in the coming years at a rate of 7% CAGR. Global subsea vessel operating expenditure is set to total $122 billion (bn) during 2015-2019. The World Subsea Vessel Operations Market Forecast 2015-2019 analyses the main factors driving demand for ROVSV, DSV, Flexlay, LWIV and Pipelay Vessels, supported by analysis, insight and industry consultation.

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Our acclaimed series of published market reports & forecasts are trusted by professionals in oil & gas companies, contractors, agencies of governments and investment banks. Our reports are used as a benchmark worldwide for the depth, scope and accuracy of forecasting providing clients with the unparalleled market insight needed to make sound business decisions.

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